Capacity building for FOGO processors

Programs and funding

WasteSorted Grants Infrastructure Program

This State Government initiative is intended to support investment in recycling and processing infrastructure in Western Australia and where suitable may fast-track existing organics handling and processing operators in transitioning to better practice, which in turn will support improved product quality and markets for recycled organics.

The program is administered by the Waste Authority. A dedicated Organics Infrastructure round was run in 2022‒23, providing $1 million in funding for organics processing better practice projects.

See our WasteSorted Grants ‒ Organics Infrastructure Program page for more information.

Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund

Part of the National Soils Strategy, the Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund includes $67 million nationally to support the diversion of nutrient-rich household and commercial organic waste from landfill to soils by building new or enhancing existing organic waste processing infrastructure.

Rollout plan

The Waste Authority, supported by the FOGO Reference Group, develops annual plans to support the rollout of food organics and garden organics (FOGO) kerbside collection systems in the Perth and Peel regions.

The FOGO rollout plan 2023‒24 outlines five key focus areas:

  • Market development
  • FOGO processing
  • Local government services
  • Engagement and education
  • Foundation actions


FOGO Reference Group

The FOGO Reference Group supports the Waste Authority with the planning and rollout of FOGO kerbside collection services. It includes members from State Government, local government, regional councils, the organics industry and the waste sector.

Online information sessions

These support sessions are run jointly by the Waste Authority, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and the FOGO Reference Group. Details of our past and upcoming sessions can be found on our Let’s go FOGO page.


Our FOGO resources page provides guidance, reports and case studies to support the rollout of FOGO services. This includes publications on:

  • market development
  • better practice
  • impact and benefits.

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Mon 19 February 2024

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