FOGO Rollout Plan

A plan for introducing three-bin FOGO kerbside collection systems

The Waste Authority, supported by the FOGO Reference Group, has developed a plan to introduce food organics and garden organics (FOGO) kerbside collection systems in the Perth and Peel regions. 

The plan aims to:

  1. facilitate market development for FOGO-derived products
  2. facilitate actions to match processing capacity with expected FOGO generation rates
  3. support key stakeholders with the planning and implementation of FOGO services
  4. maintain a rollout schedule of local government FOGO services, projected FOGO collection rates, processing capacity and outputs to inform planning.

The FOGO rollout plan 2021–22 contains five themes: market development, FOGO processing, local government services, engagement and education, and foundation actions.

A report on the progress made against the actions of the first FOGO rollout plan (2020–21) can be found below.

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Created Date:
Tue 18 August 2020

Last Edit Date:
Thu 11 November 2021