Let’s go FOGO

Online information sessions

The Waste Authority and Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, with support from the FOGO Reference Group, delivered online sessions to support the rollout of food organics and garden organics (FOGO) collection services. 

The presentations and recordings of each session can be viewed by clicking on the relevant links below. (Details of sessions delivered through 2020 are available here).


2022 sessions

Session 1: Let’s go FOGO – 3 March 2022

Reg Howard-Smith, Chair of the Waste Authority, introduced and facilitated the session, which focused on education and engagement, and local government services.

Scott McKenzie from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) provided an overview of the FOGO Rollout Plan and project highlights.

Cara Williams (DWER), Wendy Harris (Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council) and Andrea Smithson (City of Albany) provided information about the WasteSorted toolkit and examples of its application.

We heard from four elected representatives from local governments that have rolled out FOGO:

  • Deputy Mayor Tomas Fitzgerald, City of Melville
  • Mayor Emma Cole, City of Vincent
  • Mayor Dennis Wellington, City of Albany
  • Mayor Kathryn Hamilton, Town of Bassendean

Richard Paschke presented a report commissioned by the Waste Authority, Impacts and Benefits of Kerbside Collection Systems: Perth and Peel. 

Rebecca Brown from the WA Local Government Association spoke about the Better Practice FOGO Services: a Step-by-step Guide. 

Julie Baughan from the City of Vincent presented a local government officer’s perspective of a FOGO rollout.

Brice Campbell (Town of Bassendean) and David Jones (Department of Communities) jointly presented on providing FOGO services in social housing.

Session 2: Let’s go FOGO – 17 March 2022

Reg Howard-Smith, Chair of the Waste Authority, introduced and facilitated the session, which focused on processing and market development.

Pete van Schoubroeck provided an update on DWER’s Guideline: better practice organics recycling, and projects which support the composting sector to implement the Guideline.

Three industry representatives spoke on their experiences processing FOGO material:

  • Donovan Farrell, GO Organics
  • Tim Youé, Resource Recovery Group
  • Marcus Geisler, Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council

Martin Gravett from GHD provided an overview of the market development strategy for FOGO-derived products.

Four speakers provided examples of markets in which FOGO-derived materials have been used or opportunities for use:

  • Josh Byrne, Josh Byrne and Associates – Use of FOGO derived products in a major development project.
  • Paul Molony, City of Melville – Use of FOGO derived products in City projects.
  • Louis Bettini, Main Roads WA – Market opportunities for FOGO-derived products in the transport sector. 
  • Kelly Levisohn, City of Fremantle – Sale of FOGO-derived products to residents.

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Session 1: held 3 March 2022

Session 2: held 17 March 2022

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