Recycling dashboard

The recycling dashboard allows you to view the tonnes of materials recovered in Western Australia in 2019–20 and recovery trends.


Material recovery

The tonnes of recovered materials for your filtered selection are shown in the top left-hand box.

Use the green boxes to filter the recovered material tonnes by the reported waste stream source, source region and destination. You can apply multiple filters by holding down your Ctrl key when applying your filters. Remove filters by selecting the filter again.

The recovered material tonnes can also be filtered by material category (i.e. C&D waste) by clicking on the label in the column graph or by material type (i.e. concrete). Remove the filters by clicking on the column graph again).

Material recovery data is available in excel format from Material tonnes recovered by source and destination in Western Australia 2019–20.

Material recovery and disposal trends

The tonnes of material recovered and disposed of and the material recovery rates are shown.

Use the green boxes to filter material recovery, disposal and recovery rates by waste stream.

See a quick guide to the interactive dashboard here:

Data sources

The 2019-20 material recovery data was predominantly obtained from annual returns lodged by liable persons to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation under regulation 18C of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Regulations 2008.

Details about other data sources can be obtained from the Waste and recycling in Western Australia 2019–20 report.

Created Date:
Thu 26 August 2021

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Tue 7 September 2021