WasteSorted helping roll out of FOGO in Bassendean

A three-bin FOGO kerbside system is on its way for the residents of Bassendean from July 2020 under the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council’s (EMRC) Food organics and garden organics recovery strategy.

Working in partnership with the EMRC, the Town of Bassendean is ensuring that they engage their residents through direct communications and information for the duration of the rollout and beyond.

The EMRC has developed a food organics and garden organics (FOGO) communications plan after extensive research and consultation with local and regional councils throughout the country. They are providing an evidence-based approach that includes raising community awareness and understanding FOGO and a three-bin system, and providing the tools and resources necessary for households to use the three-bin system effectively.

Leveraging from the EMRC’s research, the Town of Bassendean has devised a more tailored program in order to align to their local community. Understanding the local context has been key in ensuring community engagement that is fit-for-purpose and effective in delivering successful FOGO services in the Town of Bassendean.

Officers from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the Town of Bassendean and the EMRC collaborated to develop WasteSorted materials for the community education and awareness campaigns ahead of the FOGO rollout. These include stickers for kitchen caddies, animations (for cinema and social media), shopping centre panel advertising and many more.

Educational materials have also been developed to assist residents to improve the sorting of all of their waste at home.

The Waste Authority is encouraged by the use of WasteSorted materials by the EMRC and its member councils involved in the FOGO rollout.

Created Date:
Mon 8 June 2020

Last Edit Date:
Mon 8 June 2020