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  • UDIA Sustainability Program

    The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) is Australia’s peak representative body for all segments of the urban development industry.

  • Review of Commercial and Industrial Sector Recycling Programs »

    A review of selected past and current C&I waste reduction and recycling programs sponsored by Australian State and Commonwealth Governments

  • Waste Wise Events

    Waste Wise Events are those that practice waste reduction and maximise recycling. A range of resources for councils and community groups has been provided by Rivers Regional Council.

  • Review of Regulatory Framework for the Management of Construction & Demolition and Inert Waste 2011 »

    In all Australian jurisdictions, the overarching legislation regarding waste management and practices was found to be similar: all jurisdictions consider that the disposal of waste to land has the potential to cause environmental harm, all have special management and disposal practices for waste asbestos, and almost all jurisdictions use the imposition of a landfill levy as an economic instrument to drive waste avoidance. However, the details and implementation of the legislation, including definitions and classification, vary widely between jurisdictions.

  • Landfill Levy Regulation Administration Policy - 2009 »

    This policy document provides a summary of the procedures and requirements for the assessment and calculation of the landfill levy payable on all waste received at licensed landfills in the metropolitan region, and all waste collected in the metropolitan region which is received at licensed landfills outside the metropolitan area.

  • Recycling Activity in Western Australia 2006-07 »

    This is a detailed review of all recycling activities in Western Australia for the 2006/2007 financial year. The report covers all sectors including municipal, commercial and industrial and construction and demolition. The report utilises the methodology and classifications developed and applied in the 2005/2006 review enabling a direct comparison of annual recycling activity levels.

    The Department of Environment and Conservation extends its thanks to all participants who provided the information used in the review.

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