What is the Waste Authority?

The Waste Authority is a statutory body comprising five members appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the Minister for Environment.

Here you'll find information for people at home, at work and for government audiences.

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Ready to forgo single use plastics for a month? »

Register and take the challenge to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfill. It's easy and fun.

Principal Rowan Clark receives Young Re-inventors Award »

Carey Baptist College received their winning award for the edible wall garden made from re-used waste items

Nature will re-use anything! Missing a coat hanger or two? »

Magpies wove together natural and man-made items to create a nest. Two fledglings sited nearby.

Message in a plastic bottle - launch at John Curtin College »

Chairman Marcus Geisler presents the new curriculum resource for high schools with Lachlan, Katie & Georgia

3 Bins means better recycling and environmental outcomes »

Albert Jacob, Minister for Environment; Sylvan Albert, Bayswater Mayor; Marcus Geisler, Authority Chairman

E-waste is a growing problem »

Old electronic devices could have another life. As hazardous waste they need special handling

Printer cartridges can be recharged »

Inkjet/laser toner cartridges should be recycled and kept out of landfill

Builder's guide improving recycling »

Environment Minister, the Hon Albert Jacob; Chairman Marcus Geisler; Francis Burke & Geoff Cooper

MBA's Excellence in Recycling Award »

(L to R) Winner Greg Carter, Home Buyer Centre; Authority Chairman Marcus Geisler; Geoff Cooper MBA

Authority ready for new challenges »

(L to R) Neil Foley; Jenny Bloom, Deputy Chair; Marcus Geisler, Chairman; Victoria Bond; Glen McLeod

Australian Packaging Covenant »

View the latest State Government Action Plan

Vegetables from a compost garden »

Compost is a natural fertiliser

Reuse as we've done here with Marcus Geisler & Andrew Valder »

Register now for the big day...

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  • Authority monthly meeting »

    Usually 1st Thursday in the month

  • Authority monthly meeting »

    Usually 1st Thursday in the month

  • Authority monthly meeting »

    Usually 1st Thursday in the month

  • Castaway Sculptures »

    Creative use of resources

  • Authority monthly meeting »

    Usually 1st Thursday in the month

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