What is the Waste Authority?

The Waste Authority is a statutory body comprising five members appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the Minister for Environment.

Here you'll find information for people at home, at work and for government audiences.

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Bin Tagging »

WALGA's Ariane & Jackie work to reduce recycling bin contamination - Photo by Matthew Poon, Sunday Times

Builder's guide improving recycling »

Environment Minister, the Hon Albert Jacob; Chairman Marcus Geisler; Francis Burke & Geoff Cooper

Authority ready for new challenges »

(L to R) Neil Foley; Jenny Bloom, Deputy Chair; Marcus Geisler, Chairman; Victoria Bond; Glen McLeod

Congratulations to all the winners! »

Sharing the limelight with Marcus Geisler, Chairman and the Hon Albert Jacob, Minister for Environment

Castaways winning sculpture »

Collective Art Award won by Livewire, Starlight Children's Foundation - painted TVs given a brand new life!

Nannup Music Festival »

Putting recycling front and centre with workshops and performances using waste materials for instruments

MBA's Excellence in Recycling Award »

(L to R) Winner Greg Carter, Home Buyer Centre; Authority Chairman Marcus Geisler; Geoff Cooper MBA

Recycling improves at Skyworks »

Recycling stations like this one plus better signage and a rewards scheme lifted recycling rates by 31%

Better Bins launch »

Chairman Marcus Geisler, Fremantle Councillor Doug Thompson and Environment Minister the Hon Albert Jacob

Australian Packaging Covenant »

View the latest State Government Action Plan

E-waste is a growing problem »

Old electronic devices could have another life. As hazardous waste they need special handling

Vegetables from a compost garden »

Compost is a natural fertiliser

Printer cartridges can be recharged »

Inkjet/laser toner cartridges should be recycled and kept out of landfill

Easy steps to reduce the impact »

Check out SMRC's TV segment on reducing waste

Learn about all things organic »

Find out where you can access events across May that improve your understanding and use of compost

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Closing date is 5pm Thursday 2 April

State Planning Strategy 2050 - waste infrastructure is included in section 2.4

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Applications deadline - 5pm Thursday 2 April


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