Better Bins


The $20 million Better Bins Kerbside Collection Program is a State Government program that provides funding to local governments to implement better practice kerbside collection services to support higher recovery and the achievement of the State Government’s 2020 municipal solid waste targets.


Local governments

Better Bins encourages the use of a three bin system (general waste, co-mingled recycling and organic/green waste) to support greater source separation and higher recovery. The program also encourages local governments to provide households with greater recycling capacity as a proportion of total waste, and requires local governments to transition to Australian Standards bin colours.

The Better Bins program will pay local governments up to $30 for each household that receives a better practice kerbside collection service.

The program is an opportunity for local governments to receive financial assistance to introduce better practice kerbside collection services.

Pilot phase: 2014 to 2016

The Better Bins program commenced as a $7.5 million pilot in 2014. More than $4.6 million has been committed to eight local governments - the cities of Bayswater, Rockingham and Stirling, the towns of Cambridge and Cottesloe, and the shires of Capel, Collie and Donnybrook-Balingup. 

In the Perth metropolitan region, local governments have committed to providing better practice three bin collection services to approximately 185,000 households, which is almost a quarter of all households.

How to apply

Apply by submitting an application through the online portal.

To find out more, see the Better Bins Guidelines, contact Waste Authority Services on 6467 5325 or at

The guidelines contain information for local governments including:

  • objectives and timelines
  • kerbside systems eligible for Better Bins funding
  • funding method and investment priorities
  • complementary measures and communications
  • reporting
  • funding conditions
  • application details.

Supporting Documentation

  • Better Bins Kerbside Collection Guidelines »

    The Kerbside Collection Guidelines are designed to help local governments select better practice kerbside collection systems. The guidelines contain information on infrastructure (including bin types, colours and collection frequencies), performance benchmarks and complementary measures.

  • Better Bins Reference Report »

    The Better Bins Reference Report supports the Better Bins Kerbside Collection Guidelines.  The report contains information on better practice approaches and performance reported locally and in other jurisdictions.

Application Forms

To apply for this program, please using the following forms:

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