Construction & Demolition

Waste that is created in construction, refurbishment or demolition activities.

Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D) is that which arises from construction, refurbishment or demolition activities. C&D waste materials include ‘concrete, brick, rubble, asphalt, metals (ferrous and nonferrous), timber, wallboard, glass, plastics, asbestos, soil and other building materials and products’.

C&D is a major component of metropolitan waste that can be diverted from landfill and recycled. Recycling this type of waste is critical to reaching the State's targets for diversion from landfill published in the waste strategy.

On 10 September 2015, the Minister for Environment announced a $10 million State Government Recycled Construction Product Procurement Incentive, to increase the use of recycled C&D materials in civil construction.

The scheme has been renamed the Recycled Construction Products Program (RCPP) and was launched by the Minister on 10 March 2016.


Construction and Demolition Waste - Position Statement

The use of recycled construction and demolition (C&D) waste in a range of applications is critical to the achievement of the State’s targets for landfill diversion as set out in the State Government’s Waste Strategy.

The use of recycled products for road base in WA should be the norm rather than the exception. Source separation and mixed C&D sorting facilities provide feedstock for crushing facilities and offer excellent opportunities for high-quality recycled products to be manufactured. This position statement aims to provide the policy basis for the Waste Authority’s support for the use of recycled C&D products. It lays out the benefits of using recycled C&D products in a range of civil construction applications.

It underpins further research into the performance of recycled C&D road base, building on already available data and industry reports, and provides the basis of the Authority’s funding programs to increase the use of recycled C&D products in civil construction projects.




Construction and Demolition Waste - Videos

The Home in WA TV program featured a number of stories about resource recycling in the building industry. They were created out of the strategic partnership between the Master Builders Association and the Authority.


Roads to Reuse pilot

On 15 November 2018, Environment Minister Hon Stephen Dawson MLC and Transport Minister Hon Rita Saffioti MLA announced the Roads to Reuse (RtR) pilot.

The RtR pilot supports Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) to use recycled construction and demolition (C&D) products in road construction.

MRWA will work with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and the Waste Authority to use recycled C&D material as part of the Kwinana Freeway Northbound Widening Project from Russell Road to Roe Highway.

Roads to Reuse product specification – Recycled road base and recycled drainage rock

The RtR pilot will use material that meets the product specification for recycled road base and recycled drainage rock. The product specification ensures protection of public health and the environment. 

A new product testing scheme will help C&D recyclers with costs associated with the rigorous sampling and testing required to ensure all products meet appropriate specifications and are free of contaminants—including asbestos.

For more information about the product testing scheme, please contact the Waste Authority on or phone (08) 6364 6965.

An independent audit testing scheme will provide an additional level of assurance that recycled construction and demolition products are fit for purpose.


RtR Product Specification

 The product specification ensures protection of public health and the environment.