Community and Industry Engagement

The Community and Industry Engagement program (CIE) will provide funding to develop and implement waste management projects and initiatives that promote the diversion of waste from landfill. It will also provide funding for events that promote and recognise the adoption of better waste management practices and achievements.


CIE is based on a transparent and competitive assessment and selection process and will provide funding for industry, local governments, regional councils, peak industry organisations, research and educational organisations and community groups.

A wide range of projects and events may be eligible for funding, providing they meet the eligibility criteria. These may include implementation of waste management initiatives and programs, educational programs, development of better practice guidelines, research, training, and events that promote and recognise better waste management practices.

Eligible projects and events may include:

  • research and development of better practice guidelines
  • development and implementation of programs that contribute to better waste management practices
  • development and implementation of targeted training and knowledge sharing programs
  • research that contributes to diversion of waste from landfill
  • events that promote and recognise better waste management practices.

Ineligible activities:

  • infrastructure development
  • projects that are nearing completion
  • ongoing operational activities
  • activities to meet legislative requirements
  • projects that do not promote and clearly report on waste diversion from landfill.

The CIE is an initiative of the State Government’s Waste Authority which allocates up to $690,000, funded by the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account (WARR Account).

CIE builds on the achievements of the strategic partnerships program, which concluded in June 2016. It seeks to increase engagement with the Waste Authority’s key programs and support communication of the Waste Authority’s key messages by peak organisations to the stakeholders they represent.

The Waste Authority’s key messages include:

  • Everyone can choose to do the right thing and adopt smarter waste management practices in the home, business and public open spaces.
  • Everyone needs to be involved – it’s important to not only put litter in the bin, but also in the right bin.
  • Recycling and reducing waste is good for the environment as well as household budgets – it’s everyone’s responsibility and everyone benefits.
  • Actions to avoid and minimise waste – such as not using plastic bags, only buying food that will be used and reusing drink cups and bottles – benefit the environment and also save you money.
  • Waste is a valuable resource that can be recovered and recycled to reduce the use of raw materials and protect our environment.
  • The Waste Authority supports the community, business and industry to improve the management of waste and recycling in WA.
  • The landfill levy funds key programs and incentives to help householders and industry recycle and reduce waste.
  • Recycling is good for the environment and has positive economic benefits including creating more jobs than landfill.

Funding streams

Funding is offered through two streams:

  • Stream A will fund organisations undertaking projects that clearly demonstrate a contribution to the Waste Strategy’s objectives. Stream A has a total budget of $600,000 for projects.
  • Stream B will fund organisations to deliver events that develop more informed stakeholder networks and insights into particular waste sector communities. It will also fund events that recognise significant contributions to the achievement of the Waste Strategy’s objectives. Stream B has a total budget of $90,000 for events.

How to apply

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Supporting Documentation

Application Forms

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