Becoming an accredited school

How to become an accredited Waste Wise School

Steps to accreditation

Step 1. Attend an introductory workshop or complete the external module

The first step to becoming an accredited school is to attend a Waste Wise introductory workshop. Workshops are held throughout the year in both metropolitan and regional areas.

We also run an introductory webinar (online). For more information visit the Workshops and Events page.

Step 2. Form a committee

A committee will help share the responsibility of coordinating and planning your Waste Wise program. Include a good cross section of your school community and incorporate students.

Step 3. Conduct a waste audit

A waste audit is an evaluation of the waste that your school produces. It allows you determine two things:

  • how much waste your school produces
  • what type of waste is produced.

It can also be a valuable way of measuring improvement over time as your Waste Wise program develops. The information gathered from a waste audit can be used to identify items to be reduced, reused and recycled. For more information visit the Waste audit page

Step 4. Prepare a Waste Wise plan

A Waste Wise plan outlines the actions a school wishes to complete and includes a timeline for implementation. This helps to organise activities into a logical sequence and realistic timeline.

Download the Sample Waste Minimisation Planner.

Step 5. Prepare a Waste Wise policy

The Waste Wise policy is a written statement of intent. It is important to have a Waste Wise policy for the following reasons:

  • helps embed Waste Wise values in school and community
  • creates a supportive school environment
  • fosters a whole school approach
  • informs and guides daily practice and ensures quality of this
  • includes step by step priorities for all to see

The policy should be approved and signed by the school principal.

Download the Sample Waste Wise School Policy

Evidence for accreditation

To become an accredited Waste Wise School you will need to fill in the online NEW accreditation questionnaire. 

Please email the Waste Wise Team at to request your school's accreditation link where you will also be required to upload the following documents:

  • a copy of your Waste Wise committee minutes
  • your Waste Wise plan for the year
  • your Waste Wise policy, signed by the school principal
  • your Waste Audit results.
Renewing your accreditation

To renew your school’s accreditation each year, simply fill in the online Accreditation renewal survey which will be emailed to you. You will then receive a sticker for that calendar year that you can place on your Accredited Waste Wise School sign.