Waste incursions

School waste incursions for primary and secondary schools

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WasteSorted Schools visits schools to run free waste incursions in the Perth metropolitan area, and (through partnerships) in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Kimberley areas.

Waste audit incursion

Conducting a waste audit is a necessary step to becoming an accredited WasteSorted School. 

All schools in the Perth Metro, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Kimberley areas are eligible for one free waste audit per year. This fun and informative incursion helps you find out the types and amount of waste your school produces. The data collected can be used to prioritise and improve existing waste projects.

A waste audit is held after lunch and takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. WasteSorted Schools recommends this incursion for 30 students in Year 3 and up.

If a waste audit booking is not available for your regional area or your preferred dates, schools can contact the team for an external waste audit kit. This will provide the equipment needed to run a waste audit.

Download the Waste audit toolkit for information about running your own waste audit.

Watch the waste audit video below to see an audit in action

WasteSorted race incursion

Accredited WasteSorted Schools are loving the WasteSorted Race incursion to help students learn the importance of sorting their waste. Tailored to your school’s waste system, this 30-minute incursion will cover:

  • why sorting waste is important
  • the different coloured bins waste is sorted into at home and school
  • a practical application of waste sorting with a fun interactive race.

Many schools book our Perth incursion officers for 2 to 3 hours to run multiple classes through this engaging activity. Suitable for primary students and lower high school students

Visual bin audits and school waste assessments

Accredited WasteSorted Schools are saving money by improving their waste systems.

Our visual bin audit and school waste assessment tools help schools to assess their waste services by identifying the type and number of bins available and where services can be adjusted. Schools find it helpful to book an incursion officer to help use these new tools for the first time.

An incursion officer is available in Perth metro, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Kimberley areas.  Regional schools can also contact WasteSorted Schools for phone or online support to use this resource.

Contact us to arrange your school incursion

Perth metropolitan schools: wastesortedschools@dwer.wa.gov.au

Kalgoorlie-Boulder schools: admin@kbulg.org.au

Kimberley schools: c/. alina.tonso@dbca.wa.gov.au 

For other regional areas please email us for an external audit kit: wastesortedschools@dwer.wa.gov.au