Year 12 Geography ATAR Waste Management in Perth

Year 12 Geography Atar

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The Waste Management in Perth teacher and student booklets have been developed for the Year 12 Geography ATAR Curriculum. These booklets link to Unit 4 Planning Sustainable Places, depth study one. There are six topics to explore and optional extension activities and sample examination questions.

Learning objective

The Waste Management in Perth teacher and student booklets support the in-depth study of waste management in Perth, Western Australia.

Two booklets were created, a student booklet and a teacher booklet. The student booklet can be worked through in its entirety, in parts, or given out as pre-reading or supplementary work. Each section may span 1-2 lessons. 

The teacher guide is in the same format as the student guide and contains curriculum links, resources needed for each lesson, additional information, and answers to the questions in the student booklet. 
Teachers can access the accompanying booklet by emailing the WasteSorted Schools team at

1.The nature, scope and causes of the waste management challenge and the implications for Perth
2. Waste management planning documents
3. Stakeholders
4. Preparation for excursion to a local waste management facility
5. Waste strategies adopted
6. Evaluating liveability and sustainability
7. Leadership in waste (optional extension) 
8. Sample examination questions