Learning to be Waste Wise - Compost

The Learning to be Waste Wise Activity Guide is a series of curriculum-linked activity packs written for the Waste Wise Schools Program. Each booklet covers a different topic including a general introduction to waste, the ‘3Rs’ (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), ‘Worms’ and ‘Compost’. The activities are designed to complement the school’s ongoing waste minimisation projects, and to support learning at every stage of a school’s Waste Wise journey. In turn, Waste Wise projects provide real life context to curriculum outcomes while directly involving students in their own learning.

By reinforcing Waste Wise principles through the curriculum in an engaging and practical way, teachers will find it easier to incorporate waste reduction practices in their school. In addition, the involvement of students and the modelling of positive behaviours, reinforces the environmental principles and curriculum outcomes.

The activities are designed to be fun; to promote life-long learning; to empower and enable students, teachers and the rest of the school community to take responsibility for their waste minimisation actions; to develop positive environmental values and to promote long-term behaviour change.

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Created Date:
Tue 26 November 2019

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Tue 26 November 2019