Waste to Energy - Position Statement

Waste Authority May 2013

Waste to Energy Position Statement Waste Authority May 2013

In April 2013, the Environmental Protection Authority and the Waste Authority provided advice to the Minister for Environment on the environmental and health performance of waste to energy (WtE) technologies. The advice was provided under Section 16e of the Environment Protection Act 1986 and contained recommendations relating to waste to energy in Western Australia.

This WtE Position Statement complements the Section 16e advice and presents additional matters of interest for the Authority that are outside the scope of that advice. The Position Statement addresses WtE in the context of the Authority’s efforts to reduce waste to landfill and increase resource recovery in Western Australia.

This WtE Position Statement focuses on the thermal treatment of waste with energy recovery and does not directly consider other forms of waste management that use mechanical and biological treatment to produce energy or fuels.

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Mon 28 October 2019

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