Anstey Wetland Trial Case Study and Compost Trial

situated along the Forrest Highway that links Perth to Bunbury

The Anstey Wetland, situated along the Forrest Highway that links Perth to Bunbury, is an outstanding example of using compost to recycle valuable resources and help create thriving ecosystems. With advice and support from the compost industry, the Anstey Wetlands project partners decided to trial composting on site and use compost to create the wetland.

The wetland development, which spans over 20 hectares, is so successful that it seems like it’s always been there. It was constructed in 2008 through a collaborative partnership between the Western Australia Waste Authority, the Department of Environment and Conservation, Main Roads Western Australia and the compost industry. 

Anstey Wetlands – a compost case study

Composted products have been critical to establishing vegetation on the particularly challenging site.

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Report for A Comparison of Compost Anstey Wetland

A report on the trial of applying compost in the establishment of the Anstey Wetland on the Forrest Highway. Produced by GHD for the Department of Environment and Conservation

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Created Date:
Wed 6 November 2019

Last Edit Date:
Mon 18 November 2019