Outcomes of Waste Authority meeting held on 26 February 2020

Key outcomes of the Waste Authority's 26 February 2020 meeting

The Waste Authority discussed the business planning cycle for 2020-21 in preparation for the 2020-21 Business Plan and noted the Waste Strategy Action Plan 2030 status report.  A dedicated planning session was held between the Waste Authority and its Program Risk and Performance Committee directly following the meeting, to discuss planning for the 2020-21 Business Plan and Budget and the 2020-21 Waste Strategy Action Plan. 

The Waste Authority received an update on the development of a major Behaviour Change Program to implement a long-term behaviour change campaign covering social marketing, media, education and engagement.  Initial work planned includes social research to determine initial program focus; a staged program design by specialist behavioural change and social marketing experts for a three-year program; and the design and delivery of a suite of creative assets.  Subject to relevant approvals, it is anticipated that roll-out will commence mid-2020.

An update on the development of an 18 month Waste Communication Strategy to support the delivery of consistent and effective communications was also provided during the meeting.  The Waste Communications Strategy links directly to the Behaviour Change Program in development.   The draft Waste Communications Strategy will be presented to the next meeting.

The Waste Authority received an update on plans for the roll-out of a Better Bins Plus FOGO program and the work of the FOGO Reference Group.   The roll-out will be supported with new Better practice FOGO kerbside collection guidelines and FOGO Funding guidelines.

Members noted the release of waste reform consultation papers including the Closing the loop: Waste reforms for a circular economy and the Review of the waste levy.  Consultation on both documents closes on 15 May 2020.

The Waste Authority agreed on its 2020-21 meeting schedule and proposed site visits of various waste and resource recovery facilities during 2020.

A funding request for the supply of equipment for a new Household Hazardous Waste facility to be progressed this financial year was approved.

The Waste Authority considered the draft Keep Australia Beautiful Council Litter Prevention Strategy 2020 – 2025, which builds upon the success of the current Litter Strategy (2015 – 2020), with a target set for litter reduction of 30 per cent by volume by 2025.  The Chairman, Waste Authority will be attending the April meeting of the Keep Australia Beautiful Council.

The Waste Authority noted the most recent developments on the COAG waste export ban.

The Waste Authority received updates on the WasteSorted Toolkit; impacts on the Household Hazardous Waste Program in relation to battery collections as a consequence of the Cleanaway Kwinana fire; opportunities to recover off-the-road (mining tyres), and a status on the findings of the Waste and Recycling Infrastructure Plan for the Perth Peel Metropolitan and Peel Regions Investigation Report of 2014.

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Mon 9 March 2020

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