Smart waste guide

Master Builders WA together with the Waste Authority have developed a guide for commercial and residential builders, subcontractors and clients in metropolitan Perth and Peel regions. The aim is to improve recycling outcomes from this major waste stream.

The guide was launched by the Environment Minister Albert Jacob on 9 July 2014 at Alkamos Estate.


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  • Review of Regulatory Framework for the Management of Construction & Demolition and Inert Waste 2011 »

    In all Australian jurisdictions, the overarching legislation regarding waste management and practices was found to be similar: all jurisdictions consider that the disposal of waste to land has the potential to cause environmental harm, all have special management and disposal practices for waste asbestos, and almost all jurisdictions use the imposition of a landfill levy as an economic instrument to drive waste avoidance. However, the details and implementation of the legislation, including definitions and classification, vary widely between jurisdictions.

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    All governments are committed to encouraging best practice waste management and resource recovery for construction and demolition projects.

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    East Fremantle wanted to increase the proportion of C&D waste generated within its jurisdiction that is recycled. The town undertook a pilot trial of a Resource Kit for Recycling C&D Waste at domestic demolition projects. The kit contains information on recycling facilities for common C&D waste materials in the vicinity and is intended to assist owner/builders and/or project managers to recycle as much as possible.

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    The Department of Environment and Conservation appointed Waste Audit and Consultancy Services (Aust) Pty Ltd to undertake a series of Disposal Based Audits at selected licensed waste management facilities within the Perth Metropolitan Region. This research aimed to profile the C&I and C&D materials being disposed of to landfill/transfer stations to assist in confirming priorities for solid waste reduction and the diversion of solid waste from landfill disposal.