Roads to Reuse

Promoting the use of recycled construction and demolition waste

This program (RtR) is a State Government initiative administered by the Waste Authority. Our objective is to encourage State Government organisations, local governments, regional councils and the private sector to use recycled construction and demolition (C&D) products in civil applications, such as road construction. It does this by supporting the supply of recycled C&D products to the market which meet a product specification to protect public health and environment.

C&D waste makes up around half of Western Australia’s waste stream and represents around 45 per cent of material recovered from recycling. It is important to increase the recovery of C&D to meet the State’s material recovery targets, and the Premier’s 2030 target to reuse or recycle least 75 per cent of waste generated in Western Australia.

Funding for the program has been made available through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account and is available for C&D recyclers through the RtR Product Testing Scheme as described below.

This program supports a key headline strategy in the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030 Action Plan (Actions 3.11, 3.12 and 3.13).

Product specification

The Roads to Reuse product specification is designed to protect human health and the environment. The product specification applies to recycled road base (sealed with asphalt) and recycled drainage rock.

The product specification sets out requirements for C&D recyclers, including:

  • preparation of a Material Acceptance and Sampling Plan (MASP) – a site-specific plan which describes the recycler’s processes and procedures
  • sampling and testing requirements – to determine whether the material meets the product specification.

Recycled C&D product that meets the RtR product specification provides confidence to purchasers about the suitability of the material. 

RtR Product Testing Scheme (for C&D recyclers)

The RtR Product Testing Scheme supports C&D recyclers with the costs to develop a MASP, and undertake routine sampling and testing.

C&D recyclers wishing to access funding for the RtR Product Testing Scheme should contact the Waste Authority on (08) 6364 6965 or email:

RtR auditing

The RtR program delivers an independent audit of C&D recyclers’ processes and products. The audit provides an additional level of assurance to purchasers of recycled C&D products.

For purchasers

Several C&D recyclers are producing material which meets the RtR product specification. A list of suppliers will be available soon. 


If you wish to purchase RtR compliant material, please contact the Waste Authority on (08) 6364 6965 or email:

Pilot project

In 2019, the Waste Authority, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, and Main Roads WA entered into a partnership to undertake the RtR pilot project that aimed to:

  • test the extent to which producers can supply recycled C&D products in accordance with the revised RtR product specification
  • assess the effectiveness of the independent audit process in verifying producers’ processes and products, in order to provide confidence to the market
  • test purchasers’ confidence – in this case, Main Roads WA – in using recycled product produced by the RtR program.

Main Roads WA is using material produced under the program in the Kwinanna Freeway widening project. A case study of Main Roads WA’s use of RtR material is available here.

If you are seeking further information, please contact the Waste Authority on (08) 6364 6965 or email:

Relevant documents

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