Food Organics and Garden Organics

Implementing better practice FOGO kerbside collection services

A headline commitment in Western Australia’s Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030 is the rollout of the three‑bin kerbside collection system, which includes separation of food organics and garden organics (FOGO) from other waste categories, by all local governments in the Perth and Peel regions by 2025.

If you’re a resident see our Go FOGO page to find out more about how to FOGO at home and what happens to your FOGO once it’s collected.

The State Government is supporting the FOGO rollout in three key areas:

  • funding and guidance for local governments to introduce FOGO services to residents
  • capacity building for FOGO processors to turn the growing volumes of collected organic waste into composts and soil conditioners
  • developing end markets to purchase and use FOGO-derived products in agricultural settings, landscaping, environmental rehabilitation, and in the community.

Created Date:
Mon 24 August 2020

Last Edit Date:
Mon 25 March 2024