WA Transitional E-Waste Program - Phase 1

The WATEP program has now closed

The WA Transitional E-waste Program (WATEP) was designed to bridge the gap before the federal government's national product stewardship scheme came into play.

With increasing production and demand for electronic products such as televisions and computers, e-waste is growing three times faster than any other waste stream.

Before the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme commenced, the State Government provided $1.5million to subsidise up to 50 per cent of e-waste disposal costs for metropolitan depots and up to 50 per cent of disposal and transport costs for non-metropolitan depots. Since the introduction of the national scheme, the WATEP has ceased.

The drop-off points nearest to you can be found at National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

Created Date:
Wed 23 October 2019

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Mon 2 December 2019