Construction and demolition recycling

Encouraging greater use of recycled construction and demolition products

Western Australia’s (WA) Waste avoidance and resource recovery strategy 2030 (waste strategy) contains the following targets for construction and demolition (C&D) waste:

  • Avoid - reduce C&D waste generation per capita by 30 per cent
  • Recover - increase C&D material recovery to 80 per cent

The Waste Authority’s annual Waste Strategy Action Plans identify and prioritise actions across State Government agencies which support the waste strategy. These actions include commitments to implement sustainable government procurement practices that encourage the greater use of recycled products and support local market development.

The Roads to Reuse program is the Waste Authority’s flagship C&D recycling program.

The Waste Authority has developed a C&D Rollout Plan which builds on existing commitments. The C&D Rollout Plan is informed by the Waste Authority’s C&D Reference Group. It contains actions to:

  • develop markets for recycled C&D products
  • support better practice contracting
  • support better practice avoidance and recovery
  • address priority materials
  • reform legislation and regulation
  • improve data.

Created Date:
Thu 28 January 2021

Last Edit Date:
Fri 12 August 2022