Community Grants Scheme 2018 - Art for Waste Awareness

CGS operated from 2005 to 2018.

  • Organisation: Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council
  • Year Granted: 2018
  • Expected Timeline: Completed
  • Total Funding: $7,781
  • Status: Completed

$7,781 to run a variety of community workshops upcycling marine litter into usable items or decorative pieces that will remain a reminder to avoid single-use rubbish.  A “Marine Debris Sculpture Competition” was also added to the project, to further encourage the collection of beach waste and to make use of the amount of plastic, net, rope and other objects that had already been collected. The project concluded with a community Art for Waste Awareness Exhibition.

Created Date:
Thu 24 October 2019

Last Edit Date:
Wed 4 December 2019