Communication & Promotion

A program area within the Business Plan that covers a wide range of specific programs to assist with the delivery of key messages through a range of communication mechanisms

Western Australia’s high waste generation per capita and relatively low rate of diversion from landfill poses a significant challenge. It requires coordinated action at an institutional and individual level if significant improvements in performance are to be realised. There has been a lack of high level strategic communication and promotion in this State. Stakeholders identified that engagement was one of their highest priorities and that the Waste Authority should play a significant role in increasing the awareness of waste issues with the view to changing waste behaviours.

The Waste Authority's approved Business Plan has a number of programs that all work towards achieving long term behaviour change that will reduce waste to landfill and increase recycling. An additional focus will be increasing the profile of waste management by publicly recognising excellent performance within organisations and by individuals.

The Business Plan outlines the various specific programs in section 5, that will assist with the delivery of key messages through a range of communication mechanisms.

Achievements include:

  • Information on attitudes and behaviours related to waste management is updated and made available to the sector
  • Development of a State Waste Communication Strategy is under way
  • A network of practitioners involved in communication and promotion activities is established
  • Co-investments are made in best practice communication and promotion activities
  • A review into the Waste Authority’s Strategic Partnerships
  • An incentive program is established for State Government uptake of recycling services through the Common Use Arrangement for waste and recycling
  • Establishing the Waste Authority as a hub for information exchange and resource sharing for the communication and promotion community.