WasteSorted Awards 2023

Celebrating WA’s waste champions

The WasteSorted Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of Western Australian’s working towards a low waste and circular economy future, through improved waste practices and innovative waste solutions.

It celebrates those making landfill the last resort by avoiding, reusing and recycling waste and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Congratulations to all of the 2023 winners and highly commended. Click here to see their stories.

Community Waste Award

Winner: Repair Café Bassendean Inc

Highly Commended: Bottle Top Hill

Highly Commended: Perth City Farm

Schools Award

Winner: South Coogee Primary School

Highly Commended: Somerly Primary School

Business Award

Winner: DevelopmentWA

Highly Commended: Total Green Recycling Pty Ltd

Highly Commended: South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS)

Waste Champion Individual Award

Winner: Sam’s Spares

Highly Commended: Bottle Top Hill

Highly Commended: The Feelgood Fashionista

Waste Champion Team Award

Winner: Esperance Care Services

Highly Commended: Boddington RRR

Metro Local Government/Regional Council Award

Winner: City of Fremantle

Highly Commended: East Metropolitan Regional Council

Regional Local Government/Regional Council Award

Winner: Shire of Northam

Community Engagement Award

Winner: City of Canning

Highly Commended: Town of East Fremantle

Innovation Award

Winner: Veolia Recycling & Recovery

Highly Commended: Mash Brewing

Closing the Loop Award

Winner: Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation

Highly Commended: Donut Waste

Waste Award

Veolia Recycling & Recovery

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Mon 23 November 2020

Last Edit Date:
Fri 15 September 2023