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  • Composting for language groups

    A Community Grant Scheme project by Environment House produced a series of pamphlets in other languages promoting twin bin composting.

  • Communications on third bin »

    The Wellington Waste Group developed a communications strategy, promotional material and an appendix with an update six months after implementation following the roll out of a third organics bin

  • Recycled organics to the farm

    Courtesy of ABC Landline, the story Toil and Soil first broadcast on 6 June 2014 covers the issues of recycled organics and the farm

  • Mechanical Biological Treatment-putrescible waste »

    A report on the mechanical and biological treatment technologies for separating and handling organic wastes prepared for the Authority by Wasteconsult International, 2014

  • Compost chapter »

    This is the WWS full activity booklet for Compost, suitable for upper primary, however the activities can be extended or simplified.

  • Anstey Wetland case study »

    The Anstey Wetland, situated along the Forrest Highway that links Perth to Bunbury, is an outstanding example of using compost to recycle valuable resources and help create thriving ecosystems.

  • ABC Gardening Australia on Waste

    An episode of Gardening Australia (Series 24, episode 5) covering waste issues and how better management of organic waste can help our environment

  • Shop Smart

    By making slight changes to your shopping behaviour you can make big diffferences to your budget and the waste that is generated

  • Skyworks

    Skyworks is a major event but creates a large amount of waste

  • Anstey Wetland Compost Trial »

    A report on the trial of applying compost in the establishment of the Anstey Wetland on the Forrest Highway. Produced by GHD for the Department of Environment and Conservation

  • Urban Fertiliser »

    Fertiliser runoff is a major problem for our waterways. This guide has been prepared to assist you with reducing these impacts.

  • Food and Garden Organics Best Practice Collection Manual

    organisations operating food waste and green waste collection systems will find this manual useful

  • Organics Brochure Poster images

    Images for creating educational posters or brochures

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