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  • Composting for language groups »

    A Community Grant Scheme project by Environment House produced a series of pamphlets in other languages promoting twin bin composting.

  • Communications on third bin »

    The Wellington Waste Group developed a communications strategy, promotional material and an appendix with an update six months after implementation following the roll out of a third organics bin

  • Recycled organics to the farm

    Courtesy of ABC Landline, the story Toil and Soil first broadcast on 6 June 2014 covers the issues of recycled organics and the farm

  • Compost chapter »

    This is the WWS full activity booklet for Compost, suitable for upper primary, however the activities can be extended or simplified.

  • Anstey Wetland case study »

    The Anstey Wetland, situated along the Forrest Highway that links Perth to Bunbury, is an outstanding example of using compost to recycle valuable resources and help create thriving ecosystems.

  • ABC Gardening Australia on Waste

    An episode of Gardening Australia (Series 24, episode 5) covering waste issues and how better management of organic waste can help our environment

  • Anstey Wetland Compost Trial »

    A report on the trial of applying compost in the establishment of the Anstey Wetland on the Forrest Highway. Produced by GHD for the Department of Environment and Conservation

  • Recycled Organics and Water Use Efficiency - information paper »

    Recycled Organics and Water Use Efficiency - information paper

  • Organics in your community

    The home is where organics can be easily recycled and provide signficant benefits.

  • Worm farm fact sheet »

    Having a worm farm is a fun way to recover organic wastes like food scraps, while worm castings and worm farm "juice" are good for the garden.

  • Organics - an overview

    The recovery of organic materials from solid waste streams has several recognised environmental benefits such as reduced methane emissions from landfill and a lower risk of groundwater impact from landfill leachate.

  • Landfill Levy Regulation Administration Policy - 2009 »

    This policy document provides a summary of the procedures and requirements for the assessment and calculation of the landfill levy payable on all waste received at licensed landfills in the metropolitan region, and all waste collected in the metropolitan region which is received at licensed landfills outside the metropolitan area.

  • Submission to Productivity Commission Enquiry into Waste Generation and Resource Efficiency- 2006 »

    There are a number of characteristics of Western Australian geography and economy that impact on waste management and resource recovery in this State.