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  • Recycled Organics and Water Use Efficiency - information paper »

    Recycled Organics and Water Use Efficiency - information paper

  • Organics in your community

    The home is where organics can be easily recycled and provide signficant benefits.

  • Worm farm brochure »

    Worm farm brochure

  • Compost for Soils

    The Recycled Organics Industry and governments across Australia have partnered to provide the Compost for Soils program, which aims to provide information about recycled organics and its uses.

  • Recycled Organics Unit

    This organisation provides a wealth of free information on organics recovery

  • Worm farm fact sheet »

    Having a worm farm is a fun way to recover organic wastes like food scraps, while worm castings and worm farm "juice" are good for the garden.

  • Sustainable gardening brochure »

    Having a more sustainable garden saves on water, reduces the need for some garden fertilisers and can be a superb way to grow some of your own food.

  • Organics - an overview

    The recovery of organic materials from solid waste streams has several recognised environmental benefits such as reduced methane emissions from landfill and a lower risk of groundwater impact from landfill leachate.

  • Compost Australia

    Compost WA is a not-for-profit, member driven organisation that is affiliated to Compost Australia and is a sub group of the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) Branch. Compost WA represents, promotes and supports the Recycled Organics (RO) sector of the Waste Management industry in Western Australia.

  • Composting for the home »

    Composting at home is simple and effective and helps save water, energy, fuel, emissions and improves your garden.

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