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  • Bicycles for Humanity

    Bicycles for Humanity recycles old and unwanted or donated bikes, sending them to Africa for a new lease of life.

  • Bicycles for Humanity Workshops opened »

    Community Grants Scheme recipient Bicycles for Humanity open their new workshops in High Wycombe. See media release.

  • National Environment Protection Measure Used Packaging »

    Report to National Environment Protection Committee on used packaging for 2012

  • Shop Smart

    By making slight changes to your shopping behaviour you can make big diffferences to your budget and the waste that is generated

  • Skyworks

    Skyworks is a major event but creates a large amount of waste

  • Final Report: Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) - Steel Extraction Trial at Tip Face »

    In response top Action B10.1 Remove Steel from Waste from EMRC’s Strategic Waste Management Plan December 2008 – On 9th November 2009 an excavator with a magnet was employed on site for a cost.

  • Landfill Levy Regulation Administration Policy - 2009 »

    This policy document provides a summary of the procedures and requirements for the assessment and calculation of the landfill levy payable on all waste received at licensed landfills in the metropolitan region, and all waste collected in the metropolitan region which is received at licensed landfills outside the metropolitan area.

  • Are you recycling yet? A waste minimisation strategy for small businesses in the Swan Region »

    The Swan Chamber of Commerce, the Swan Catchment Council and the City of Swan have come together to progress a waste minimisation strategy for the Swan region through the successful application for a Waste Management and Recycling Fund grant of $10, 000 from the Waste Management Board of WA. (June 2008)

  • Submission to Productivity Commission Enquiry into Waste Generation and Resource Efficiency- 2006 »

    There are a number of characteristics of Western Australian geography and economy that impact on waste management and resource recovery in this State.