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  • Waste generation in the Western Australian home building industry - July 2007 »

    A major challenge for the housing industry is to achieve a reasonable balance between the need to build and renovate homes and the need to safeguard finite resources. As Australia’s peak housing body, HIA understands and welcomes its responsibility to provide environmental leadership.

  • Submission to Waste Authority on landfill levy from Smartbuilders Association & Earthcare - Sep 2008 »

    Submission to the Waste Authority of Western Australia regarding the Landfill Levy Discussion September 2008.

  • Civil Works & Recycled Content- Options for increasing the use of recycled content in WA »

    The report evaluates a range of different policy options that could be used to increase the amount of recycled content in civil construction projects.

  • Submission to Waste Authority on how the landfill levy should apply at Category 63 landfill sites »

    Submission to the Waste Authority on how the landfill levy should apply at Category 63 landfill sites prepared by C&D working group - 1 September 2008

  • Recycling Activity in Western Australia 2006-07 »

    This is a detailed review of all recycling activities in Western Australia for the 2006/2007 financial year. The report covers all sectors including municipal, commercial and industrial and construction and demolition. The report utilises the methodology and classifications developed and applied in the 2005/2006 review enabling a direct comparison of annual recycling activity levels.

    The Department of Environment and Conservation extends its thanks to all participants who provided the information used in the review.

  • Landfill Levy Review: prepared for the Waste Management Board of Western Australia- November 2007 »

    The objectives of this review of the Landfill Levy for the Waste Management Board were to:

    • Review the current and future effectiveness of the Landfill Levy as an economic instrument for influencing waste management practices, including reducing waste to landfill
    • Review the Landfill Levy to determine a sound methodology for medium to long term increases - for the purpose of (a) an effective economic instrument for reducing waste to landfill; and (b) ensuring the levy is able to raise sufficient funds for waste related programs.

    The approach to the review involved interviews with stakeholders, review of relevant literature and a discussion of preliminary findings with the Waste Management Board.

  • Recycling Directory for Construction & Demolition Secondary Resources »

    Operators, recyclers & points of contact for recycling construction & demolition secondary resources in the Perth Metropolitan area.

  • Recycling Activity in Western Australia 2005-06 »

    This report summarises a detailed assessment of the amount of recycling carried out in Western Australia in the 2005/06 financial year.

  • Disposal Based Audits of the Commercial & Industrial and Construction & Demolition Waste Streams »

    The Department of Environment and Conservation appointed Waste Audit and Consultancy Services (Aust) Pty Ltd to undertake a series of Disposal Based Audits at selected licensed waste management facilities within the Perth Metropolitan Region. This research aimed to profile the C&I and C&D materials being disposed of to landfill/transfer stations to assist in confirming priorities for solid waste reduction and the diversion of solid waste from landfill disposal.

  • Issues Relating to the Generation, Collection, & Treatment of Building Product Waste in WA -Apr 2006 »

    Cardno BSD was appointed by the Department of Environment (WA) to carry out general background research into issues relating to the generation, collection and treatment of building product waste from the construction and demolition industry. This research will be used to support policy and program development within the Waste Management Branch and the Waste Management Board.

  • Submission to Productivity Commission Enquiry into Waste Generation and Resource Efficiency- 2006 »

    There are a number of characteristics of Western Australian geography and economy that impact on waste management and resource recovery in this State.

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