Home is the place we have most control over and where we spend the most time. It is here where you, your friends and family can make major gains in reducing waste, saving money, protecting the environment and living a more healthy lifestyle.

Good habits developed at home have the potential to become lifelong values that will stand you in good stead at work and wherever life takes you.

We recycle 76% of newspapers but ....

Western Australians do a pretty good job recycling their newspapers and magazines but we fall behind on other areas of recycling.

Most of us have access to kerbside recycling so it just takes a small amount of time to make a big improvement. 

The only slightly tricky aspect to plastics recycling is to make sure you understand what you can and can’t recycle.

Most councils can recycle any plastic container with a recycling number on it (the recycling symbol with a number inside which is usually located on the bottom of the container.)

Some councils can also recycle cling wrap and plastic bags. For steel cans, just rinse them out and put them in your recycling bin.

Many councils offer subsidised worm farms or compost bins for their residents and many provide workshops to help residents set them up.  This is a great way to use waste to get amazing benefits for your garden.

Refer to our compost and worm farm resources right here on this website.

Check on your Council website to make sure you are recycling the right items for your area and to see if your council offers incentives to start your worm farm or composting efforts.

Also remember that to reduce waste it’s also important to think about the way we consume:

  • buy products which have the least amount of packaging
  • when you’re buying big items such as fridges and washing machines, buy from retailers which will take your old item back
  • re-use, swap and take other practical steps to cut back on the amount you just throw out
  • recycle when you’re away from home – at work, at the beach, on picnics etc – as you would at home.

There are lots of places you can go to find out more about how you can reduce, re-use and recycle. See our Shop Smart section.

The Planet Ark website is also a very good resource.

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