Key messages

The Authority’s key messages promote better waste management practices in Western Australia. The messages aim to foster engagement and behaviour change in individuals and communities across the State.

Your actions make a difference

  • Everyone can choose to do the right thing and adopt smarter waste management practices in the home, business and public open spaces.

  • To answer your questions about smarter waste and recycling practices, contact your local government or search this website.

Put it in the right bin

  • Everyone needs to be involved - it's important to not only put litter in the bin, but also in the right bin.

Accept and take responsibility

  • It's time for everyone to accept and take responsibility for their waste, as it is a valuable resource that can be recovered and recycled to reduce the use of raw materials and protect our environment.

  • Actions to avoid and minimise waste – such as not using plastic bags, only buying food that will be used and reusing drink cups and bottles – benefit the environment and also save you money.

Driving smarter waste management

  • We support the community, business and industry to improve the management of waste and recycling in WA.

We invest the landfill levy in waste programs

  • We use the landfill levy to fund key programs and incentives, and work collaboratively to create the right environment for Western Australians for decades to come.

Waste recycling has true value

  • Recycling is good for the environment and has positive economic benefits including creating more jobs than landfill.

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