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  • Food Organics and Garden Organics Position Statement »

    A statement by the Waste Authority on its position with regard to food organics and garden organics (FOGO) collection systems.

  • Source Separation of Waste »

    Source separation – or separating waste at home, in the office, on building sites and in public places – has been shown to be effective in increasing recycling. More importantly, good source separation reduces contamination, which in turn improves the quality of the recycled product.

  • Waste Hierarchy »

    How the Waste Authority will apply the hierarchy in its decision making in delivering the waste strategy

  • Waste to Energy Statement »

    A statement by the Authority on its position with regard to Waste to Energy

  • Waste to Energy

    An international study conducted by the Waste Authority and the EPA has found Waste to Energy plants can be introduced in Western Australia in an environmentally acceptable manner. A position statement on waste to Energy by the Authority is now available.

  • Organics - position statement »

    The Authority considers the diversion and beneficial use of organic waste from landfill to be a priority.