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We actively support the promotion and wise use of organic resources that would otherwise be considered to be waste. When properly composted recycled organic material is applied to land it can improve soil quality and reduce nutrient losses.

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  • Composting for language groups

    A Community Grant Scheme project by Environment House produced a series of pamphlets in other languages promoting twin bin composting.

  • Communications on third bin »

    The Wellington Waste Group developed a communications strategy, promotional material and an appendix with an update six months after implementation following the roll out of a third organics bin

  • Recycled organics to the farm

    Courtesy of ABC Landline, the story Toil and Soil first broadcast on 6 June 2014 covers the issues of recycled organics and the farm

  • Mechanical Biological Treatment-putrescible waste »

    A report on the mechanical and biological treatment technologies for separating and handling organic wastes prepared for the Authority by Wasteconsult International, 2014

  • Compost chapter »

    This is the WWS full activity booklet for Compost, suitable for upper primary, however the activities can be extended or simplified.

  • Anstey Wetland case study »

    The Anstey Wetland, situated along the Forrest Highway that links Perth to Bunbury, is an outstanding example of using compost to recycle valuable resources and help create thriving ecosystems.

  • ABC Gardening Australia on Waste

    An episode of Gardening Australia (Series 24, episode 5) covering waste issues and how better management of organic waste can help our environment

  • Shop Smart

    By making slight changes to your shopping behaviour you can make big diffferences to your budget and the waste that is generated

  • Skyworks

    Skyworks is a major event but creates a large amount of waste

  • Anstey Wetland Compost Trial »

    A report on the trial of applying compost in the establishment of the Anstey Wetland on the Forrest Highway. Produced by GHD for the Department of Environment and Conservation

  • Urban Fertiliser »

    Fertiliser runoff is a major problem for our waterways. This guide has been prepared to assist you with reducing these impacts.

  • Food and Garden Organics Best Practice Collection Manual

    organisations operating food waste and green waste collection systems will find this manual useful

  • Organics Brochure Poster images

    Images for creating educational posters or brochures

  • Recycled Organics and Water Use Efficiency - information paper »

    Recycled Organics and Water Use Efficiency - information paper

  • Organics in your community

    The home is where organics can be easily recycled and provide signficant benefits.

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