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  • Website archive

    This website is regularly archived by the National Library of Australia and available through their Trove system

  • Infinity Awards winners 2015

    Winner of the Infinity Awards for 2015

  • Signage

    A range of recycling images for signage is available from Zerowaste South Australia

  • Council websites

    The list of council websites from WALGA

  • Recycled organics to the farm

    Courtesy of ABC Landline, the story Toil and Soil first broadcast on 6 June 2014 covers the issues of recycled organics and the farm

  • National Waste Reporting 2013

    Federal government resource on national waste reporting across Australia

  • ABC Gardening Australia on Waste

    An episode of Gardening Australia (Series 24, episode 5) covering waste issues and how better management of organic waste can help our environment

  • State Planning Strategy (Draft) - 2012

    Released by Planning Minister, John Day and designed to inform planning and development decisions throughout WA.

  • UDIA Sustainability Program

    The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) is Australia’s peak representative body for all segments of the urban development industry.

  • Wastenet

    Wastenet is an online resource for local government.

  • Recycling Near You

    Link to Planet Ark

  • Fluorescent tubes

    FluoroCycle is a national recognition scheme for organisations which commit to recycling their waste mercury-containing lamps. FluoroCycle only applies to commercial and public lighting, not to household waste lamps.

  • Landcare

    Landcare is a national network of thousands of locally-based community groups who care for the natural resources of our country.

  • Waste Wise Schools - Latest News

    The latest news from the waste Wise Schools website.

  • Australian waste management database

    The national waste management database presents the spatial locations of Australia's known landfills, waste transfer stations and a large number of waste reprocessing facilities. The data are a compilation of Australian, jurisdictional government, council and industry databases. The purpose is to support decision makers from industry, governments and other interested parties make better, and more informed decisions based on evidence based information.

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