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  • Recycling Activity in Western Australia 2004-05 »

    The Waste Management Board engaged Hyder Consulting Pty Ltd to conduct a survey of recycling activity in Western Australia over the 2004/05 financial year. This report presents the findings of the survey, and sets a baseline on the current quantities of materials being recycled in Western Australia. The Waste Management Board would like to thank the businesses and organisations who provided invaluable data and assistance toward production of this report.

  • Summary Report of Waste to Landfill - Perth Metro Region 1998 - 2002 »

    Provides an analysis of data in order to provide a general guide on total quantity and categorisation of waste landfilled in the Perth Metropolitan Region between July 1998 and June 2002.

  • Waste Management Board - establishment

    The Waste Management Board preceded the current Authority and was established in 2002.

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