Waste audits and incursions

School waste audit and incursions for primary and high schools from the Waste Wise team.

Conducting a waste audit is a necessary component to becoming a Waste Wise School.  The process is used to determine how much and what type of waste your school produces. It is also a valuable tool in measuring improvement as your Waste Wise program develops. The information gathered from an audit identifies items that have the potential to be reduced in number, reused when appropriate and recycled where possible.

A waste audit is conducted immediately after lunch and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. The Waste Wise Schools Program can provide the equipment necessary for you to complete this process or you may choose to have our incursions officer conduct the waste audit with you. Additionally, a waste audit DVD and toolkit are available on our website.

Duncraig Primary School

Once you have become an accredited Waste Wise School you will then be eligible for further incursions at no cost. These incursions are generally provided for one class and could be used to reward students for commendable behaviour in waste reduction initiatives. Incursions available to schools include: composting, worm farming, papermaking, planning your food garden and compost creatures.  

Please contact the Waste Wise team to book a waste audit or incursion at wastewise@dwer.wa.gov.au.

Waste Audit Video