Workshops are free and we offer teacher relief payments. Check the events page or contact the Waste Wise team for upcoming workshops.

A number of different workshops are offered, contact us for the next workshop dates: or visit the events calendar.

Image of reuse garden topic workshop 2012

Introductory sessions and webinars

This workshop provides an introduction to waste issues, school case studies and training on setting up a whole school approach to waste minimisation and education. 

We encourage more than one representative from each school to complete the professional learning together. Teachers, principals, registrars, cleaners, gardeners, canteen managers, parents/guardians, members of the P&C or any other school staff are welcome.

Workshops are held throughout the year in both metropolitan and regional areas. The webinars allow regional schools to access information when a workshop is not available in your area. These are free and a contribution toward teacher relief is provided, where possible, to facilitate participation. 

Waste Wise Networking

These are held at an existing Waste Wise school and include an opportunity to network , share successes, and solutions with other schools.  The workshop also includes a tour of the host school’s Waste Wise projects. 

Waste Wise topic workshops

These are run in both regional and metro areas. Topics include:

  • Worm farming
  • Composting
  • Waste Wise gardening.