Public Submissions

Public submissions are called for on an ad hoc basis and inform decision making. This facility permits direct uploads.

From time to time, the Authority requests a response from sections of the wider community, be they residents, commercial operators or specific target groups. This process involves opening and closing dates for submissions and the provision of supporting guidelines, templates and terms of reference.

When a public submission period is about to commence, details will be posted on our home page with an obvious link. Subscribers to our Newsletter are also informed by email (subscribe on the home page).

Submissions are usually received by way of upload directly through our website. We also use this facility for accepting nominations/applications for awards, as well as grant submissions, expressions of interest and funded program applications.

Where a public submission has been called for by the Minister for Environment or the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation that relates to the Waste Authority, the deadlines will be shown here. In these cases submissions are not actually accepted through our website but by the relevant mechanism mentioned in the News item, where a direct link will be provided.

There are currently no active Public Submissions.

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