Regional Funding Program

The Regional Funding Program (RFP) is a five year funding initiative that supports regional groups of local governments across Western Australia in the implementation of Strategic Waste Management Plan priorities.


Regional Council Groups - 2 or more LGAs working to deliver regional waste management priorities

The RFP is a major initiative developed by the Waste Authority and DEC. It is a direct outcome of the Zero Waste Plan Development Scheme, which supported groups of local governments in developing  Strategic Waste Management Plans.

The objectives of the RFP are:

  • to encourage local governments to work together to provide regional waste management solutions and increase efficiencies
  • to facilitate improved local government waste management infrastructure and services throughout the state, with measurable progress towards meeting Waste Strategy targets
  • to facilitate continuous improvement in waste avoidance, resource recovery and disposal for solid waste managed by local government in line with the relevant targets within the Waste Strategy

The program will operate in three stages over five years:

  • Phase 1 - a fixed funding stage over years 1 and 2, where regional groups are allocated a fixed amount based on the number of local governments in the group, regional needs and population
    [note this phase concludes in December 2013]
  • Phase 2 - a competitive bid funding stage over years 3 and 4, where regional groups will compete for funds for projects which demonstrate best value for money
    [note this phase commences in January 2014]
  • Phase 3 - no funds will be allocated in the fifth and final year of the program which will be for completion and reporting of funded projects

The five year operating period is an important aspect of the program as it allows regional council groups adequate time to plan and implement worthwhile projects that benefit an entire region.

Contact Details:

Regional Funding Program Co-ordinator - Brendan Mohr
Department of Environment Regulation
Waste Authority Services Unit
4th Floor, The Atrium
168 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000

Phone / Fax
Tel: +61-8-6467 5297
Fax: +61-8-6467 5562

Postal address
Locked Bag 33
Cloisters Square WA 6850


Supporting Documentation

Application Forms

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