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Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Trail helps Western Australians meet and exchange items to reduce waste and promote resource distribution

Garage Sale Trail organises communities to hold Garage Sales all around Australia on the same day. This year it's over a whole weekend Saturday 21 to Sunday 22 October.

Garage Sale Trail is about:

  • sustainability - by redistributing great stuff and saving it from landfill
  • community - by making a great occasion for you to connect with people in your neighbourhood
  • making some money - from stuff you would otherwise have thrown away - for you or your favourite charity.

In 2016 Garage Sale Trail redistributed over 2 million items from potential landfill and helped raise money for for charities, Over 15,500 sales took place.

Garage Sale Trail involves households, schools, sporting clubs and other not-for-profit or charity organisations holding a garage sale on the same day. Local crafts people can also sell their own items or produce. Profits can be kept by the seller or donated to charity.

As part of its efforts to reduce the number of items that end up going to landfill or being dumped, the Waste Authority is supporting Western Australian local government authorities participating in the Garage Sale Trail in 2017.

So de-clutter your life, make some money and meet new people. Re-use of unwanted materials is the next best thing to avoidance in the waste hierarchy.

Visit garagesaletrail.com.au to register a garage sale or to find sales in your area.

Councils participating in Western Australia in 2017 and providing support.

Council Phone Website
City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder 92868600 ckb.wa.gov.au
City of Subiaco 92379222 subiaco.wa.gov.au
Town of East Fremantle 93399315 eastfremantle.wa.gov.au
City of Kwinana 94390222 kwinana.wa.gov.au
City of Canning 92310645 canning.wa.gov.au
City of Melville 93640695 melville.wa.gov.au
City of Vincent 92736000 vincent.wa.gov.au
City of South Perth 93973209 gosnells.wa.gov.au
City of Joondalup 94004000 joondalup.wa.gov.au
Town of Cambridge 93476000 cambridge.wa.gov.au
City of Cockburn 94113444 cockburn.wa.gov.au
City of Fremantle 94329999 fremantle.wa.gov.au
City of Wanneroo 94055000 wanneroo.wa.gov.au
City of Busselton 97810444 busselton.wa.gov.au
Shire of Denmark 98480313 denmark.wa.gov.au
City of Rockingham 95280333 rockingham.wa.gov.au
Shire of Kellerberin 90454006 kellerberrin.wa.gov.au
Town of Port Hedland 91589300 porthedland.wa.gov.au
City of Stirling 92058555 stirling.wa.gov.au
Town of Victoria Park 93118111 victoriapark.wa.gov.au
Shire of Kalamunda 92579999 kalamunda.wa.gov.au
Shire of Carnarvon 99410000 carnarvon.wa.gov.au
Shire of Denmark 98480300 denmark.wa.gov.au
Shire of Lake Grace 98902500 lakegrace.wa.gov.au
Shire of Leonora 90376044 leonora.wa.gov.au
Shire of Morawa 99711204 morawa.wa.gov.au
Shire of Perenjori 99730100 perenjori.wa.gov.au
Shire of Wagin 98611177 wagin.wa.gov.au
Shire of York 96412233 york.wa.gov.au
Shire of Gingin 95752211 gingin.wa.gov.au
Town of Claremont 92854300 claremont.wa.gov.au
Town of Cambridge 93476000 cambridge.wa.gov.au
Town of Bassadean 93778000 bassendean.wa.gov.au