Strategic Partner - MBAWA

Master Builders Association WA is a strategic partner of the Authority

Waste and the potential for recycling associated with building construction is an area of priority for the Authority. The high level of construction and demolition activity taking place in this state and the proportion of waste going to landfill from this sector that could be recycled, means there is great potential to signficantly improve outcomes. In addition to construction and demolition waste, the other waste stream that is involved in building activity is commercial and industrial.

The Master Builders Association WA (MBAWA) is an important partner for the Authority as they service home builders, commercial builders, sub-contractors, suppliers and consultants in both commercial and residential sectors.

The strategic partnership is based around a number of targeted projects that will provide MBAWA members with specific information and tools to reduce waste and increase recycling. Projects include:

  • construction site visits across the Perth and Peel regions to educate contractors about how and where to reuse and recycle
  • sponsoring a suite of awards to provide positive incentives and recognition to industry leaders who initiate and commit to long-term cultural change in the reduction and recycling of waste
  • development of a waste management guide for builders and subcontractors to aid resource recovery, with a template waste management plan and a directory of recycling facilities and contractors in WA.

The MBA program supports the Waste Strategy:

  • Strategy Objective 3 – Develop best practice guidelines, measures and reporting frameworks and promote their adoption
  • Strategy Objective 5 – Communicate messages for behaviour change and promote its adoption, and acknowledge the success of individuals and organisations that act in accordance with the aims and principles in the Strategy and assist in its implementation