The commercial sector is a critical component of our state's waste profile.

Business owners and operators in WA have a significant influence on the management of waste, both in curbing its generation and being involved in its collection, re-use, recycling, energy recovery and disposal.



Business decisions in terms of purchasing, administration and production systems can all avoid creating uneccessary waste


Reusing everything from office furniture to considering a new use for a waste product helps to reduce landfill.

You can take discards, offcuts and unused old stock to Remida, the creative re-use centre. They can collect these from you and give them new life in childrens’ workshops and educational activities. Materials such as textiles, rubber, wood, cardboard and cork is preferable. Visit their website for contact details.


Recycling at work is a way to save costs and help the environment and can make your business more competitive. It will also support at home recycling efforts.

Information is also available from the Planet Ark website called "Business Recycling"

For printer cartridges "Close the Loop" have partnered with Planet Ark and retailers to increase the recycling of these items. Details about their program "Cartridges 4 Planet Ark" can be accessed here.


When a business can recover energy or a resource by treating it with the appropriate process this generates a major saving


Many unwanted by products of a business operation are extremely hazardous to the environment and must not be disposed of in the normal way.

Where waste derived from metropolitan areas is disposed to landfill, a levy applies. You can find out more about the landfill levy here.